Posted by: Joel Britton | January 23, 2009


This blog is principally about Eudaimonia, the Greek term for “flourishing” or living well. My goal is to emulate my friends at Mere Orthodoxy, and discuss this broad topic in an a generally accessible manner. Here are some specific posts you might see in the near future:

— what exactly Eudaimonia means, where the concept originated, and how it affects our lives today.

— why The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe cities Edgar Allen Poe’s poem Dream Within a Dream.

— Noblesse Oblige and  Spiderman 2.

— Interaction with select posts from Scriptorium Daily.

— Thomas Aquinas and Natural Law, and how the institutions of Church and State should relate.

— Political freedom, metaphysical freedom, and how the two are related.

— Review and analysis of creative works, such as the music of  Simon and Garfunkel.

I’ve also got some slightly more vague ideas that will perhaps surface. Since Eudaimonia means living well, it seems sensible to include posts concerning exercise, cooking, and the practice of frugality.

Comments are very welcome, particularly since this site is just beginning. If any of these topics pique your interest, let me know — I’ll get to them sooner. If there is a particular train of thought you’d like me to investigate or a philosophical issue you’d like discussed, post a comment.

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